Question 1: Whats required to start a residential project?

Normally we need a starting point and those usually come in the form of a Site / Tract Map, parcel Number, Survey, Existing Cad Files, Soil Reports Title Report Normally MSDG clients walk in the door with a vision and very little on hand info So we go the extra mile and provide as built services to document your home or commercial space and provide laser accuracy for any and all field surveys.

Question 2: How much does it cost?

MSDG is able to provide flat rate and or hourly type structured contracts and agreements we pride ourselves in being price competitive and our team of engineers are just as concerned with the bottom line. basic remodels can start as low as 5-10k with engineering but MSDG has experience with multi million dollar multi prime contracts as well so pricing is on a case by case basis please send us your ideas to price

Question 3: Where do we start?

If we don't have anything to start with we always recommend a feasibility survey. MSDG will clear your ideas with local zoning and planning regulations as well as the latest CBC and IBC building codes. and then we can move onto the As built process and then our favorite part DESIGN...

Question 4: How long does it take?

Timing is crucial from building in the summer to permitting in the winter. MSDG is timeline critical and prides itself in getting our scope of work done before it effects the critical path. We can get normal residential work done within 20-60 days permits in hand some jurisdictions and HOA's vary, less then 4K S.F. habitable

Question 5: Is MSDG Licensed?

MSDG operates and observes the California Architectural Practice Act. MSDG does not employ any CA licensed Architects, Though per California APA 5513 Residential design is permitted

Question 6: What kind of work do you specialize in?

MSDG can do a wide array of product types from Custom Residential Design, Commercial Design , Retail Design, Hospitality Design, Hotel Design, Restaurant Design,